TEMPO (Theatrical Enjoyment Measurement and Production Observation-Centre) is an Observation-centre on the impact measurement of theatre shows among young people and for the elaboration of new theatrical contents.
Each local Observation-Centres have it headquarter at one of the three universities involved (Milan, Avignon, Galati) and works in close collaboration also to local secondary schools. In order to achieve his objective it makes use of three tools, quantitative and qualitative:
  • an online survey (TEMPO Survey) - firstly developed in Milan - whose aim is to take an accurate picture of the cultural needs and activities of a target group of young people (15-24 years old)
  • workshops addressed to students of the secondary schools. During these workshops students are requested to participate to different theatrical and cultural activities and to produce reports related to their cultural experiences. These reports will allow to infer useful indications in view of the development of new contents and methods for theatrical productions.
  • Three permanent work tables aim at supporting the new strategies for a young theatre audience building. These work tables involve representatives from the local theatres as well as local public cultural authorities, schools principals and teachers. In this way TEMPO actively works to establish a durable network between theatres practitioners, local political institutions, secondary schools and the world of the scientific research.